Holland 2015

Seven years after our first visit, we came back to the wonderful Holland. In 2008 our hotel was in Bodegraven, this time we slept near Utrecht, in the middle of South Holland (Zuid Holland), at a modern farm in Montfoort. Ans Janmaat, our lovely guest, welcomed us and took care of everything (the farm is on Airbnb, Booking.com and HomeAway – http://www.homeaway.nl/vakantiewoning/p1044957?uni_id=1331930).
The vacation: four sunny days at Keukenhof, the paradise of flowers, Zandvoort – a long, famous beach at the North Sea, Amsterdam (noisy, windy), Hague (sunny, quiet, lovely, full of cafes and boutiques), Gouda and Montfoort/Oudewater (in the middle of the Dutch polder, with cosy farms, the famous Dutch cows, lovely gardens and, of course, the canals).